Areeshaan Education & Welfare Society

Areeshaan Education & Welfare Society was form in the year 2009 with a aim to work among the poor and to provide education for all the community of the state. As the society has shown very good improvement in social activities such as blood donation camp, Haj Training camp, free dental check up, Anti Rabies, tree plantation, blanket donation etc. Presently society is running City public School 2nd Street, Hindpiri, Ranchi and Little Angels High School Main Road Pundag, in which one of the school i,e Little Angels High School has been affiliated by Jharkhand Academic Council upto Std. X Write education man is canceled in windowless room, a fact particularly applicable to people belonging to the minority community.

Our motto therefore, is to provide education so that man finds himself in a room with all its windows open to the outside world.

Our society is a place where we are working together in a common pursuit of truths, share together our common heritage.

Today not only the students have to be engaged in the production of knowledge to cope with the risks and uncertainties generated by the advance science and technology.

The anarchic forces of the market in a globalized economy and the incessant pressures upon natural resources are pushing mankind on the brink of a tragic ear. The rationality of mind especially the capacity of discern between the good and the bad is fast deterioting.

The virtue of patience is no longer given any importance in life. In such a chaotic world, human an social development through higher education and research capabilities is the only way out.

There is broad agreement that mankind faces three main challenges in these early years of 21st century freedom from want, freedom for fear and the freedom of future generations to sustain their lives on this planet. Science, technology and innovations are central both to the origins of these the prospects for handling them successfully.

Today the role of school is not only to pursue academic excellence but also to motivate and empower its student to be life long learners, critical thinkers and productive members of an ever changing global society.

The principal goals for the school is to reproduce the existing levels of knowledge to improve the critical reasoning capabilities and specific skills of individuals, and to increase the knowledge case for its own sake and for the creation of wealth both as an input their public and into the development of democratic, civilized and inclusive society.

We firmly believe that the element of partnership between teacher and taught in a common pursuit of knowledge and understanding is the most desirable attribute in any form of education, and I am happy to see the passion of our students in every field.

the school van facility shall be provided on a first came first basis depending on number of vacancies available in van. The school in the world give their students an opportunity to the refinement of the culture of mankind. In this way the intellectual mind every where has been luminously revealed to the world. What is needed to complete this illumination is for India and its youth to collect its own scattered lamps and offer them to the enlightments of the world

For mind, when long deprived of its natural food of truth and freedom of growth develops and unnatural craving for success and our students have fallen victims to the mania for success in examination for the present generation of students it seems that success consists in obtaining the largest number of marks with the strictest economy of knowledge.

However, a most important truth which we are apt to forget is that a teacher can never truly teach unless he is still learning. A lamp can never light another lamp unless it continues to burn its own flame. We would also like to thank the parents of our students for always having bestowed their faith and confidence in us.


To build an integrated national character and to imbibe live and appreciation for the diverse national culture of the country as a whole.

To provide quality education to the children of all faith irrespective of caste, creed, social status or sex.

To inculcate the dignity of labour, self respect and love for others.

To maintain a judicious balance between academics and co-curricular activities so as to facilitate holistic development of the students.

To speak the truth and to seek truth without fear of favour.