Computer Lab

Two well furnished computer labs add to the already appreciable infrastructure of the school. 36 computers equipped with the latest software form a part of the Junior and the Senior lab, both of which have separate projectors to enhance and facilitate learning. Computer support web design.

Educational trips and excursions

Field trips pertinent to themes of the curriculum are a common feature at Presidency, and primary school students. Students eagerly look forward to these trips as they provide them with the much needed hands on experience about the things they learn. The school organizes trekking camps and summer camps with this purpose in mind. The summer camp is organized in the school not only to allow extra time for sporting activities but also to identify potential talents in areas of Cricket, Football.

The Facilities

School Campus

The School campus is located off Ranchi Main Road; spread over two acres of land in Ranchi(Jharkhand). Targeting Perfect Educational Environment, a state of art building completely networked with class rooms, labs, audio visual studios, finishing and language labs, music and dance room along with all other amenities needed to provide a good learning experience are made available. In keeping with the philosophy of exploring the unknown, the physical environment at Presidency School has a highly effective teaching tool and a lot of planning has gone into its creation.

  • Classrooms are large and have windows that flood rooms with bright light and fresh air.
  • All areas incorporate open spaces that allow children to move around and select how they want to work.
  • Rooms are decorated with children's work, giving them a strong sense of ownership and pride; "They like what they do here".
  • Outside areas contain a wide range of child-friendly equipment and activities plus an extensive selection of natural flora and fauna.

Sports & Activities

Sports & Games in the curriculum has also been an important objective for a healthy and balanced growth of the school. Keeping this in mind the students are encouraged to participate in a wide range of indoor and outdoor games at the school.

  • Outdoor sports include football, basket ball, aerobics, tennis, cricket, yoga and karate.
  • In addition to routine Art & Craft activities, children enjoy doing floral display, mask making etc.
  • For children with focused interests there are Math club, Eco Club, Quiz and G. K. Clubs, Public speaking and Computer Clubs.
  • Dance and Music activities include folk and classical dances, vocal and instrumental music
  • Keeping track of demands, new activities are also added from time to time.
  • Talents of teachers at Presidency are identified and exploited to beneficial ends exposing the children to exciting new areas of activities which normally are not a part of general life.
  • These activities are aimed at drawing out not only the talent but the hidden desires of the child and the subsequent happiness reflects in better academic performance.

Resource Centre – Library

The Resource Centre, comprising the Library and the Teacher's Resource Centre, has become a unique repository of books, CDs, audio as well as video titles covering a gamut of subjects and topics which will contribute greatly to fulfilling the gaps and making the experience of learning much more wholesome and enjoyable. Each year brings with it a fresh treasure trove for our young minds to read, discover and bloom in.

Lab facilities

Highly spacious, well ventilated and well equipped the ultra modern Physics, Chemistry, Biology Math and Computer labs are already in place. These labs are facilitated with a multi media system along with software on varied topics related to science.

Improving the undergraduate biology laboratory experience by promoting the development and interesting.

The Healing Touch

The well equipped health clinic provides medical attention to any student when the need arises.

A qualified doctor assisted by two trained nurses is on duty throughout school hours on all working days providing the healing touch. A state - of -A the art ambulance is always on stand by for any medical emergency that may arise.

Two well qualified counsellors ensure the mental well being of our students.